Surgical conference

In the morning conference the discussion covers diagnosis, surgical methods and even adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy to lead to the best of the best treatments for individual patients. 

Young surgeons learn various surgical skills with senior doctor’s supervision.

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Dr. Miyashita, Professor and Director of Surgery is a GI Surgeon and his experience for esophageal cancer surgery is over twenty years. His expertise covers clinical and basic medical science. He has been conducting the studies on cancer biomarkers. Shock and sepsis are another field of his interest. He is the president of Medical Society of South-East Asia in Nippon Medical School and has been collaborating with Chiang Mai University and Thammasat University of Thailand.  The passion for education has made him a mentor for medical students from many countries.

Welcome to Surgery

Surgery team consists of a professor, associate professors, assistant professors,  fellows, and residents.  A research scientist and visiting surgeons from Asian countries join the team.


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About our surgery 

Concentration is a key of surgery.  Evidence and experiences are required for better outcome.


 A research scientist and visiting surgeons from Asian countries join the team. 

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Nippon Medical School offers scholarship programs for researchers and trainees from overseas. For more information please visit International Exchange Center (IEC) in Nippon Medical School website.


Please contact Dr. Masao Miyashita before submission for scholarship.

Department of Surgery,

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